Saturday, December 27, 2008

We start em young...

The other night Ian was upstairs with Denise. I went up to check on him, and he had gotten into some kind of snowman kit. This is what I saw when I went upstairs...

Friday, December 26, 2008

A Christmas engagement....

Court's little sister Deedra got engaged yesterday. Ryan waited until 12:15 a.m. so that it would be Christmas day, and then asked her. She said yes, and they will be getting married sometime in April.... We are so excited for them! And I am so excited because she asked me to help her plan her wedding... Yeah!! I love weddings! Congratulations you two.
We had such a good Christmas day. We all got spoiled, but my favorite part was hanging out with Court, Easton, and Ian, and seeing all of our family. Court has been working so hard on our house lately, I am so grateful for how hard he works on it, but man am I ever ready for it to be done. I will be so glad when we have our own house, and Court can come home, eat dinner with us, and then just be able to hang out, instead of him having to run off.
I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas, and are all enjoying the Christmas vacation.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Court

Happy Birthday to you.... Happy Birthday to you.... One year older and wiser too..

I love you so much Court, you are such a hard worker . I am so grateful for what you do for our family!

Top ten reasons why I love Courtney:

1. You are such a hottie... :)

2. You are honest.

3. You love everyone, and never judge.

4. You call me out when I am judging.... sorry

5. You are the hardest worker I have ever met.

6. You are so smart, but still act so silly.

7. Did I mention that you are such a hottie...

8. You have a strong testimony of the gospel, and our Savior.

9. You love to help with our kids.

10. You are so kind to me... even when I really don't deserve it!

Here is a picture of Court and his five little sisters from a couple of weeks ago.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The cause of Ear Infections!!

Thank you.... thank you... yes I figured out what causes ear infections... (well really the credit should go to Easton :) )


Ian has been getting his eye teeth for a couple of weeks now... man he is as the doctor put it "meaner than a skunk." The doctor said "I need to explain an old wives tale, teething causes nothing but your child to be meaner than a skunk. If there is anything going on other than that you need to come see me... " lol he was really nice. Just really different than their old doc. So anyway on with the story... He ended up telling me Ian had one ear infection, the other ear on the verge, and a really sore throat. Poor kid. We went got him medicine....... etc. etc. This was Saturday.

Monday everything is fine... Ian is still "meaner than a skunk," Easton is fine up running around as usual. That night comes along and Easton was being really rambunctious, wouldn't get ready for bed... Court had finally had enough, and said to Easton "Easton if you do not get ready for bed right now, I am calling Santa and telling him not to bring you anything!" I know we are mean parents... He runs gets ready, we get him to bed, and then about a half hour later he comes in just sobbing... complaining that his ear hurts.. We get him some Ibuprofen, and get him back to bed. I woke up Tuesday morning and called the doctor got an app. and took Easton in.

Here is the conversation that we, or Easton had with the Doc.

Doc: So your not feeling to well..

Easton: My Ear started hurting last night when my daddy said those bad words to me.

Doc: (Either he didn't hear him, or pretended for my sake that he didn't hear him.)

Oh my...... I didn't know whether to laugh.. or not.. or be so embarrassed. Because if the Doctor did hear he probably thought Court had been swearing at him the night before.

So now you all know the real cause of ear infections... would ya quit swearing at your kids!!

Easton did have a really bad ear infection, the doctor said he couldn't believe he was sitting there so calm. I have learned though that Easton is a really tough kid, when he complains about something hurting I know something is wrong.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thankful for Family!!

We had an amazing Thanksgiving!! It was so much fun to have so many of our family members come out. We took the grand kids up to our grandpa's old ranch and took pictures of them.... I hope Steph ended up getting some good ones because I didn't get one with all of them even half way looking :) Otherwise I guess we will be spending quite a bit of time on photo shop..

It brought back so many memories being up there climbing the rocks.. (I don't remember it being such a hard climb.. ;) ) Here are just a few of the pictures that we got.

I love this picture of Easton...... He is finding his inner state of peace.... ;) ;)

Can you tell they are brothers? In almost every picture both of them are making the same face as the other one.... so funny! Some of them they were looking up.... others smiling, and then this one, making this cheesy face.

I am so thankful for my little boys, and husband! You bring so much joy to my life! I love you!
I am so thankful for family!! I love each and every one of you sooo much!
I am so thankful for the gospel, I truly cannot imagine what my life would be like without it.
I am so thankful for our home. Thank you Courtney for how hard you work on it every day!
There are so many things that I can think of that I am thankful for that this list would go on and on......!

I hope all of you had an amazing Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Random Picture Tag

Chauntue tagged me, and it is probably a good thing because for some reason lately I have been having a hard time thinking of something to blog about... I am also glad because it was a fun and easy tag.

1.) Go to your Pictures folder on your computer

2.) Go to your 4th folder-

3.) Get your 4th picture

My fourth folder was titled Kelsi..... When I was making Court's fathers day present two years ago I had scanned pictures from back before we had a digital camera, this folder has mostly pictures from Kelsi's funeral, and then a few random ones of Easton from Lynni's wedding...

I very rarely title my pictures, so it is kelsi004 (the folder name, and then the picture number it was in that folder....) at least you know I'm not cheating right.... :)

How cute is that!! He was about ten months old, and wore the cutest little black tux to her wedding.... :) Court's aunt came from Florida to take pictures at the wedding, this is one she sent to me.

Thanks Chauntue for the tag.....!

4.) Tag four people...... I tag.... Kristen B., Shawni, Megan , and Nikki M.. and anyone else who wants to join in, this was really fun!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

We got shingles!!

Woohoo...... we got shingles.... and not the rashy kind ;)

Court you are amazing!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back from Betucky and Happy Halloween

Warning: This post has lots of pictures........ :) To spare you lots of words ;)

Heavenly Father sure knows what he's doing!!
Look how gorgeous!
An old Bourbon distillery.... that was way too cool to not stop and take pictures!
Ian and I while touring a bourbon distillery...
Greg packing Ian on his shoulders, he packed him more than I did, you are awesome Greg!
Ian is going to be a monkey for Halloween..... Here are some pictures of him in his sooo cute costume. Easton is going to be bumblebee the transformer guy. He picked what he wanted to be, but doesn't know we have it yet. Otherwise it would be worn out by the time Halloween got here. We told him it would be here next Wednesday.... just in time to take him out and get pictures of him in it before Halloween. ;)

Ian wasn't very excited about our little photo shoot...

I picked him up to try and get a picture of both of us.... my camera is way to big and heavy.... so sorry it is so close..
Isn't he the cutest monkey you have ever seen?

And these ones are for Uncle Greg....
There was a ditch between he and I, he was looking at the mud trying decide how to get through, or over it..... they sure made for cute future hunter pictures though....
Hope you enjoyed all of the pictures.... Thaks Greg and Janice again for letting us come out, and spoiling us rotten while we were there!! We already miss you guys, and love you so much!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

President Monson Rocks!!

"....Find joy in the journey, Now..."
I enjoyed President Monson's talk so much today! From the moment he stood at the pulpit I could just feel the love coming from him, and his talk was so personal I think for so many people, how he talked about enjoying life, not wishing it away... About children and how the laundry piles up etc. But how we will wish these days back all too soon. I loved how he spoke about change, everything! I am so grateful for having a modern day prophet, and being a member of the church. I don't know how in these times of unsure and change people without the knowledge of our Savior do it. I can't imagine life without the knowledge of eternal marriage, families, temples, prayer, modern day revelation, miracles, the power of the priesthood.... I am so grateful for all that I have, I am so blessed. I know I will never be able to express how grateful I am to my Heavenly Father for all that I have. The picture of President Monson is one I found on the Internet. And the quote below it is one of my favorite things he said during his talk today....

Okay, so now I have a question for everyone. I was wondering what every one's opinions on dreams are? Do they have meaning? Are they our innermost fears? Are they of things to come? Are they just jumbles of our thoughts, experiences, nonsense... etc. I have been having dreams lately, different ones each time but of basically the same thing... The first night I dreamt of the past, every detail was correct, right there, even things I had forgotten.... then the dreams since then have been of the future (but you know how in your dream it is happening right now) I think it is just my fears coming out... but am not sure, and I don't like having these dreams. I have to admit that most of the time my dreams are of nonsense, or sometimes I dream of something happening to Court or one of my boys, I wake up really sad thinking is that just me being scared, or is something going to happen to them. These are different though, mixing with the past... etc. I know I can search dreams on the Internet and all of that, but that isn't really what I was going for, I was wondering if any of you have ever had any experience with dreams, or any really good advice that you have been given... etc.

Monday, September 29, 2008

A sleepover with Heavenly Father

Easton said the cutest thing the other day, and I just had to share it. He and Andru had just had a sleepover and he was so excited about it.

Easton: "Do you think Heavenly Father would sleepover?"
Me: "I am sure he would love to sleepover."
Easton: "And Jesus and their Ghost..."
Me: trying to hold back a giggle..... "I am sure they would love to."

After that he was trying to figure out where all of them would sleep, luckily in his bedroom he has two sets of bunk beds so they would all fit... ;)

This was a picture from his first day of preschool, he was SOO excited!! I can't believe how big he is getting!
Ian has been teething for four months straight it feels like, with nothing coming through, he is skipping his eye teeth I guess, and going straight to his molars. Here is a cute picture of him, you can see all his drool..... so stinkin cute, how couldn't you want to grab his puffy cheeks and give him a big old kiss...?

And here are a couple of the newest pictures of our house....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Get me organized....

So all of you organizational guru's out there, this one is for you.... I would love for you to give me your best advice on how to get organized. I love a clean house, but I think I spend more time cleaning it because I can't seem to get myself organized. Whenever I try to organize something it seems I go so overboard that it would be impossible for me to keep it that way. What do you throw away... what do you keep... how do you store it.... papers, nick knacks, keepsakes, kids toys....... husbands stuff... you know what I am talking about, that pile of stuff they empty out of their pockets every night onto your dresser..... and the thing in the corner that they are working on. This is for anyone, and everyone who has that special trick that helps to keep you organized. Please share!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Little Builder

My little builder......

Isn't he such a cutie!! I try to go down and help Court with the house, and instead I end up chasing Ian around, grabbing all of the tools he finds out of his hands. I finally went and bought a little plastic hammer for him because he wanted to help daddy so bad. He walks all over pounding everything, including me...

Court took three days off of work and finished the log walls. Then he hired a guy to help him set the trusses. Here are some pictures of our house with the trusses set... Sorry they are probably boring to most of you. Thanks so much to Ryan, Davey, Brent and Dwayne (the general contractor court hired) who spent all of their Saturday helping us. We couldn't have done it without you, and appreciate your help so much!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Our Future Home & My Little Hero!

Here are some pictures of our log house. I am so excited to see it going up, and Court hopes to have all of the log walls up, and the trusses up by next weekend.

I can't even believe how much work it takes, and how hard he works everyday. (I can't even lift one side of a full log, and he lifts them by himself and carries them on his shoulder) He is up everyday at five thirty to go to work, comes home from work, works till dark at the house, and then finishes off the day working on his home businesses. I don't know how he finds the energy, but I am so grateful that he does!

We went over to our good friends Ryan and Janna's house last night, and played their wii with them. They have a game called kabookii (sp?) it is made by the people who made cranium, it was a lot of fun! Then we decided to try out the boxing. Oh man am I sore, my arms and back ache. Their daughter's name is AshLeigh, and she is about a year older than Easton, don't tell him I told you, but he has the biggest crush on her. I never thought Easton would be the kind of little boy to have a crush, because he is such a boy!! Oh no though, the other day we were in the car, and here was our conversation..

Easton: Mom, AshLeigh is funny.

Me: Ya, she is funny...

Easton: (Kind of shy like) She is kind of cute!

Me: Yes she is a cute girl, huh....? (It caught me so by surprise)!!

I wanted to laugh, but also didn't want to make to big of deal of it. I just thought boys were supposed to think girls had cooties till they were like at least twelve... me hopeful thinking at least twenty eight ;)

Easton Roo, you are my little Hero, you have the spirit of a twenty year old all squished into a little body. You have so much spunk, spirit, energy, life, but you so easily forgive. You can be a little firecracker, but at the next minute you are tackling me for a love and kiss. When I hurt your feelings, or discipline you and see your little bottom lip poke out, it breaks my heart. I hope you always know how much I love you!! You are such a good example to me!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Old Pictures sorry

I wanted to show you some pictures of where we are building, so you all can see what a pretty view we have from our back patio!!
The one picture is quite old, it is from when they came and dug our footers, (we now have a foundation and a few logs stacked up.) I will take new pictures tomorrow, and post them. I signed Easton up for preschool, and he starts the first part of September, he is so excited! He keeps asking when he gets to go, and I keep having to tell him.... In three weeks, in two weeks......... It will be so weird to have him gone twice a week, I think that Ian will probably be lonely. I am excited though, it is so much easier to get stuff accomplished when I only have one child. Sometimes I feel like I get one thing fixed or cleaned up from one, and I turn around and there is something else that needs found, cleaned, fixed.... etc. Or someone else is hungry and needs a snack. I can't even imagine those of you who have more children...... How do you do it? I would never trade either one of them, or the daily experiences that we have though. Motherhood is so amazing to me, one minute you are ready to scream and pull your hair out, and the next I could just squeeze my two boys, hug them, and smother them in kisses.
I love you so much, Easton, Ian........ and you two Court. Sometimes I think you belong in the same category with them.... my three boys..... ;)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm Back!!

Yeah!!! As of last night, we now have DSL!!! I forgot what it felt like to actually be able to use the internet. I have so much catching up to do, for starters, we now have a foundation, and logs on the way.... and our trusses should be here this friday. I am not on the computer with pictures, so I will post pictures later of our "started house". I got called to be the Laurel advisor in Young Women's, and I love it!!!! I was having a hard time adjusting to the new ward when they called me, and now I just love going and being there with all of the amazing girls and leaders. Easton celebrated his fourth birthday last month, and Ian celebrated his first birthday in June, I can't believe how fast the time goes. When I think that Easton will be starting kindergarton next year.... it seems crazy. I also signed up to be a consultant for The Body Shop at Home, if any of you would like to check it out, there is a link on my side bar, I love their products, my skin has never felt better! I also have to say I drove past my brother and sister in laws old house the other day and wanted to cry, how weird is it that they are really gone, not just there around the corner. Someday I hope they will be moving back closer. Until then I am glad we have the internet, and blogs to keep in touch. Well I better get a move on, this week I have a huge to do list.... Nikki and I are having a yard sale on Saturday, so I have been ironing baby clothes from the time breakfast is over, till Court gets home. I will post pictures later.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Come on... You know you want to play!

Here are the directions:
1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you.
It's actually pretty cool (and funny) to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Quick update

So I am being totally rude. I am at my sister's house stealing her fast internet, totally secluded on my laptop, trying to go through blogs as fast as I can... But guess what, we should have DSL within the week!! Yeah!! So this is going to be really quick, and I am just going to attatch some pictures, which is why we all do this anyway right? ;)

I took the boys for a walk in their stroller, and they both fell asleep, it was so cute, I had to get a picture.

I was trying to help Courtney's mom Diane in the kitchen, but Ian would not let me put him in his high chair... I finally broke down and gave him this sucker, he fell asleep with it. Shows you how good of a mom I am, giving my ten month old a huge sucker. ;)

And here is my hot husband being such a good sport modeling for me. Janice, this is the spot I was thinking of for you, all of the plants around the base of the fence, and behind are wild lillies, they are so pretty when they bloom. Don't worry though, I want to clip all the little tree thingies that are poking up in the front. Let me know what you think.
So that is it for this one, I hope I will be able to update more often, we are living in our camper now, it isn't to bad, and we are hoping to get our building permit sometime this week....... Double yeah!!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Dial up

This one I am going to title Dial up, because I can't stand it!! With two kids, it is just not worth it (trying to get on and leave a post, check your email.... anything) Ubet put an order in I guess so we should be getting DSL in about two months.... Until then, I guess I will just have to try to be patient. I think i am going through blogger withdrawls. We are going to start building in Tridell in a month, we have just been living in Court's parents house, and as soon as it gets warm enough we will move into our camper... (I know you all are jealous aren't you ;) ) I just thought I would let you all know why I haven't been keeping up, or leaving comments on your blogs.... once we get dial up I promise I will start posting more regular again... and pictures when we start building too.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Eight months old!

I can't believe it, Ian turned eight months old today! Time flies by way to fast, and I know someday I will wish I could come back to these days and just hold my little boys. Wait I already do..... So in honor of Ian turning eight months old, I am going to write eight things I always want to remember about him:

1- I love how happy you always are!! You smile all the time, even when you are mad, you will squawk really high pitched, and loud, and then smile at me..... You are so stinkin' cute!! (which leads to our next one)

2- I could just eat you up, I love love love to kiss you, sometimes I just mall you with kisses.... mmmmm. I just can't get enough of you.

3- You are such a momma's boy, and I love it! Maybe someday I will wish that you weren't, but I really don't think that day will ever come... When I hear you cry for me when someone else is holding you, or look around the room for me, I love it!

4- You love your brother, he can do anything, and you smile for him.... Even when he is loving on you a little too rough you still just smile, and kind of look at me like Help!?

5- You have the sweetest little spirit, and you can melt people with your sweet little looks and smiles!!

6- You say mamama mamama babababa when you are sad, (in this broken hearted little voice) and it melts my heart.

7- In the morning you get so excited to see us, you just smile, and coo.... You and your brother are such morning birds, it makes me happy, even though I am not much for mornings :)

8- You hate food, you gag on everything, and I mean everything... Well you do like sweet potatoes (I am afraid to feed you too many though, because I don't want you turning orange)

I love you so much Ian Russel!

I have been tagged again

Tari, and Janice tagged me with this one....
Here are the rules. You must post the rules before you give your answers. You must list one fact about yourself for each letter of your middle name. Each fact must begin with that letter. If you don't have a middle name, just use your maiden name. After you've been tagged, you need to up-date your blog with your middle name and answers. At the end of your post, you need to tag one person for each letter of your middle name. (Be sure to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and need to read your blog for details).
I don't have a middle name, so my maiden name is Cook.
C- this is a lot harder than you would think, or at least it is for me, so maybe cooking? I love to cook yummy fattening foods, healthy recipes, not so much..... I know terrible huh. Some people get a thrill out of making them low fat etc. Not me (no wonder I have a hard time losing weight) ;)
O- o is for........ ummm....... ummmm...... If I were stephanie it would be easy because I could say organized but me, not so much...... ummmm..... oh I thought of one, I like to oil paint. I haven't done it forever, but I love too.
O- not another one.... well since I would like to lose fifteen more pounds, I will put overweight... I don't know if it will ever happen because of all those yummy carbs out there just calling for me :)
K- k is for my two amazing kids!! What would I ever do without them?? Get my hair done, get the house clean..... probably, but who wants that when you get to see those cute little chubby smiles, coo's, and "Mom who made the mountains?"

Well that was a hard one, I am not sure I want to inflict it on anyone else, but since it says it in the rules....... Nikki good luck with Cook, Stephanie, Jennifer you better do it, and Emily C.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kiss kiss

I don't have much time tonight, to post, but I had to share this sweet little picture of Easton and Ian..... Enjoy :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary Court!

Today is Court and I's sixth anniversary :) So I decided to write six of my favorite things about Court,

He is such an amazing daddy, when he comes home, both Easton and Ian get so excited!!

He is the sweetest guy I have ever met, he does little things for me that I would never think of, that mean so much!

He loves everyone!! It doesn't matter who they are, what they have done, what they look like. He loves them, (this is one of my favorite things about him)

He will go to any chick flick with me, and not only will he go, he doesn't complain like most guys would, he doesn't make fun at the cheesy parts. (I think most of the time I think he enjoys them as much as me :))

He is honest, trully honest..... There has never even been a moment in our relationship where I have had to worry about him lying.

He works so hard for our family, and is such a good example. I hope that our boys can grow up to be just like him!

These are only a few of the reasons that I love him so much, and am so gratefull for the oppurtunity that I have had to be married to him!

I love you so much Court, you are the greatest husband ever!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

To talk or not to talk...

Okay, so most of you that know me, know that I love to talk! One on one, or in small groups, it doesn't matter. I love adult conversation, (kid conversation is fun too, but I get that all the time). Sometimes after leaving girls nights, or play dates though, I will think oh man.... I think I said too much. Or, those people probably think I am crazy. The reason why I feel this way is because when I get uncomfortable, or if it gets too quiet (I really do like quiet, but in big groups, new groups etc. silence gets me all squirmy) I start to joke, or tell things about myself..... I don't know how it happens, they just come out. I will tell funny things that happened that day, embarrassing things, or just plain old weird things... I told my little sister once, that she probably takes me places just for the pure entertainment of what I will say. She is so quiet, (not a bad thing by the way, wish I could be) so I end up being the one talking to everyone. (I really think somewhere in the back of her mind she thinks how in the world are you my sister :)). There is a but to this though, a big but.... I cannot speak in public, I shake, I stutter, I am constantly reminding myself bend your knees, bend your knees.... The last thing I want to do is pass out in front of everyone ;) It wouldn't be a new thing as most of you know.... And I get so nervous that I start to talk at the speed of light, which turns my ten minute talk into a three minute blur.... When we first moved into this ward, and the bishopric asked us to speak, three days before we were supposed to, the doctor told me I had to be on bedrest (I would say I lucked out, but I am pretty sure I would rather have taken my turn at the pulpit, than spent the 22 weeks in bed). Well I guess the bishopric heard about us getting an offer on our house, because they asked us to speak in Sacrament meeting next week. I know, I know we could have said no, but there is something in me that can never say no... Not to anything, well probably some things (like giving blood, even just typing that right now makes me all qweezy... yuck!) Wow see my train of thought is all over the place just thinking about speaking... Well wish me luck and hopefully I won't shake the pulpit off of the stand ;)

Friday, February 15, 2008

"I don't need a girlfriend........"

Yesterday my grandparent's gave all of the great grandchildren some heart shaped sugar cookies (they were so so so good! But how couldn't they have been, my grandma made them!) My grandpa turned to Easton and asked...... "So Easton do you have a girlfriend?" I think Easton was disgusted with the question, because he gave my grandpa a funny look, and said.... "No..... I got Kobe!" Kobe is his best friend/cousin..... here is a picture of him from Easton's birthday party, I couldn't find one of them together, and I thought this one was so cute of him with a pouty lip.

So this post is for Kobe, thank you for being Easton's friend, and cousin, because of you, he doesn't need a girlfriend :) Love you Kobe! Easton can't wait to see you again.....

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Tag your it :)

Janice, Megan, and Abby have all tagged me now, so I guess I better be getting it done :)
Thanks for tagging me!!
Two Names You've Gone By: Kristi, Kristine
Two Thing I Am Wearing Right Now: I have been cleaning, so sweats, a t-shirt, and my favorite boots my hubby got for me for christmas. I know funny outfit, but the boots are so comfy, and my feet get cold so easy I wear them almost all the time :)
Two things you Want (or have) in a Relationship: Love, Honesty
Two of Your Favorite Things to do: Spend time with my family, Blog :)
Two things you did last night: Cheated on my nutrition class, yes I did, we went to Burger King.... I have to say it tasted sooo good!! Watched a movie with Court and Easton.
Two people you Last Talked To: Court, and Easton
Two things You're doing tomorrow: Going to church, probaby going to Tridell.
Two Longest Car Rides: From Kona to Hilo Hawaii, our flights got delayed so we got into Kona late we were supposed to meet some members Court knew on his mission, and have dinner with them. By the time we finished dinner at their house (tent :) ) and had to drive to our hotel in Hilo it was 11:00 pm their time, 3:00 am our time. Not a very good time to start a 2 1/2 hour drive! We had to stop and Court got an energy drink. I am ussually the one who can stay awake while driving, not that morning, it was pretty scary. They had asked us to stay with them, we really probably should have! I can't think of any others off the top of my head, maybe from St George to vernal by myself, I had been down at training, and had something I had to make it back for, it just seemed like a really long drive.
Two Favorite Holidays: Easter, and Halloween
Two Favorite Drinks: My favorite, that I have had to give up :( Dr. Pepper, and probably Orange Juice...?
Two Things About Me you may not have known: The one thing I am probably ocd about, is my sheets and blankets on my bed, they cannot have one wrinkle in them when we go to bed, if I can feel any bumps, wrinkles, or if they are crooked at all, I can't go to sleep. The sheet has to fold over the top of the blankets just perfect etc. Kind of weird because I am not that way about much else. The other one, is that most of you probably don't know yet that we accepted an offer on our house, and the tentative closing date is March 10th....... bittersweet....
Two jobs I have had in my life: My worst job ever was as a tellamarketer for worldcom wireless... yuck!! We still had so much fun though, the people I worked with were great! And Cellularone.
Two Movies I would watch over and over: How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, and Pride and Prejudice. (I am a sucker for love stories!!)
Two Favorite Foods: I love my Grandma's homemade Rolls!! I love anything home baked!
Two places I'd rather be right now: ummm anywhere warm..!! Hawaii, and lately we have been talking about going to Sea World again, last time Easton was too little. I think he would love it!! Anyone else want to come? It would be so fun to go with a group!!
So I will tag, Emily Willardson (next time you check your blog) :) Nikki, Jesenia, Jennifer, and anyone else who is reading this that hasn't been tagged :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Kelsi!

Today is our little angel Kelsi's birthday, she would have been five years old. It is not a sad day, more a day of remembering, and a day of thankfullness. How gratefull I am for Temples, for eternal families, for the gospel, and the knowledge that we can be together forever! I cannot imagine how hard it is for people who do not have the gospel, who think that they have lost their loved ones forever. When we had Kelsi, a nurse there was so amazing!! She said some of the most kind and thoughtfull things to help us get through it. She said, "Just remember that all she needed was to come here and get her little body, and you two had the oppurtunity to give her that.... She was so righteous in Heaven that she didn't need to go through all of the trials here on earth." She also reminded us that we were so lucky to have the church, to also be sealed in the temple, and for the opportunity to know that we could be with her again in Heaven. Thank you, thank you to that nurse, who had the opportunity to help us remember our blessings at a time of trial, and for taking it. I cannot believe the love that we recieved at that time! We came home to a cleaned, and organized house. There were flowers all over every counter, and food stacked in the fridge. We got notes of love and support, and priesthood blessings. I cannot thank you all enough! I would also like to take this oppurtunity to thank my Heavenly Father for all of the blessing that we recieved then, and have recieved. I am so gratefull for all of the times he blesses me, when I feel unworthy of those blessings. I cannot thank him enough for letting me and my husband be raised in the gospel, with active families, for eternal marriage, for our beautiful family, and for our beautiful little Kelsi who will be waiting on the other side for us! I will try my hardest to keep myself worthy, so that we can all be together again, forever! Happy birthday Kelsi, we love you so much!! (My mom made the most georgeous flower arrangement ever for us, for her birthday!! Thank you mom, I love you! If you look close, you can see a little angel in it :) )