Monday, March 31, 2008

Dial up

This one I am going to title Dial up, because I can't stand it!! With two kids, it is just not worth it (trying to get on and leave a post, check your email.... anything) Ubet put an order in I guess so we should be getting DSL in about two months.... Until then, I guess I will just have to try to be patient. I think i am going through blogger withdrawls. We are going to start building in Tridell in a month, we have just been living in Court's parents house, and as soon as it gets warm enough we will move into our camper... (I know you all are jealous aren't you ;) ) I just thought I would let you all know why I haven't been keeping up, or leaving comments on your blogs.... once we get dial up I promise I will start posting more regular again... and pictures when we start building too.


Ivylmnm said...

Finally! I have been watching your page and waiting to hear more. Someone told me you were using dial-up and I am sooo sorry. I remember the days we had it and I rarely even checked my email!! Love you and take care.

Kristen said...

I know too much about Dial up and how frusterating it can be! Congrats on the new house, I look forward to seeing more posts :)