Friday, February 15, 2008

"I don't need a girlfriend........"

Yesterday my grandparent's gave all of the great grandchildren some heart shaped sugar cookies (they were so so so good! But how couldn't they have been, my grandma made them!) My grandpa turned to Easton and asked...... "So Easton do you have a girlfriend?" I think Easton was disgusted with the question, because he gave my grandpa a funny look, and said.... "No..... I got Kobe!" Kobe is his best friend/cousin..... here is a picture of him from Easton's birthday party, I couldn't find one of them together, and I thought this one was so cute of him with a pouty lip.

So this post is for Kobe, thank you for being Easton's friend, and cousin, because of you, he doesn't need a girlfriend :) Love you Kobe! Easton can't wait to see you again.....


Paul & Megan Hawkes said...

It is so nice to have good friends for your kids, even when they are still little. How do you make those cute backgrounds? Your page always looks so cute. Have a great day.
p.s. I check your blog 100 times a day looking for new Posts!

Janice said...

I love Easton, he is always cracking me up.