Thursday, June 2, 2011


I had every intention of being a good blogger last month…  I took pictures of our happenings, and actually thought through what I was going to blog about, but obviously my follow through went awry. 

So for a quick “catch up” here goes, enjoy. ;)  (I’ll try to go in order of occurrence.)

For starters I took a million and a half senior pictures.  Okay not literally a million and a half, but it was sure a marathon.  These last minute sessions required me staying up till 12, 1, 2, even 3:30 in the morning editing so that I could get their pictures back to them in enough time to be printed and sent out in their invitations.  Crazy, crazy, crazy… ha ha, but after it all I do have to say I think Seniors are my favorite.

Here are just a few.

-0257 -0493 -1141 -1615

After church on May 15, I was craving chocolate cake SO bad…..  I have a recipe that I love, but was feeling lazy.  I kept teasing Court, don’t you want to learn how to make a cake?  He really had no desire, but after a little more teasing, and asking, don’t you want to be able to say you have made a cake, and from scratch.  He finally agreed after I promised I would help him through every step.  Yum-O , he did AMAZing!  This seriously hits the spot every time, especially with the whipped up cream cheese frosting.  He was seriously beyond words proud!!  We even took some up to his parents and sister to share.

-3054 -3058

Easton created an AWESOME lego ship.  When I saw it sitting on the counter I couldn’t believe he had created it himself.  It was completely symmetrical on all sides.


Easton finished 1st grade, and will be moving up to 2nd next year.  He is SO smart, sweet, thoughtful etc etc etc.  I am beyond proud of him, and cant believe he will be 7 this summer.


Last but not least, Denise graduated from high school.  I am so relieved this is the last graduation we have to go to for a while, ha ha.  But I HATE that she is leaving!!! :(


Oh wow I almost forgot this happened in May, Ian came downstairs got his helmet and told me, “I’m taking my helmet upstairs Mom.”  I was a little worried, wondering what he would need it for, I figured I would give him a couple minutes before I went to peek.  ha ha.  Two minutes later he came down like this.  Introducing SUPER KID!!

-1943 -1958 -2116

A few minutes later he took his cape and helmet off and asked me to take pictures of “Ian.”  ha ha

-2121 -2153

Thanks for listening, and I promise to do better this June!! :)