Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Eight months old!

I can't believe it, Ian turned eight months old today! Time flies by way to fast, and I know someday I will wish I could come back to these days and just hold my little boys. Wait I already do..... So in honor of Ian turning eight months old, I am going to write eight things I always want to remember about him:

1- I love how happy you always are!! You smile all the time, even when you are mad, you will squawk really high pitched, and loud, and then smile at me..... You are so stinkin' cute!! (which leads to our next one)

2- I could just eat you up, I love love love to kiss you, sometimes I just mall you with kisses.... mmmmm. I just can't get enough of you.

3- You are such a momma's boy, and I love it! Maybe someday I will wish that you weren't, but I really don't think that day will ever come... When I hear you cry for me when someone else is holding you, or look around the room for me, I love it!

4- You love your brother, he can do anything, and you smile for him.... Even when he is loving on you a little too rough you still just smile, and kind of look at me like Help!?

5- You have the sweetest little spirit, and you can melt people with your sweet little looks and smiles!!

6- You say mamama mamama babababa when you are sad, (in this broken hearted little voice) and it melts my heart.

7- In the morning you get so excited to see us, you just smile, and coo.... You and your brother are such morning birds, it makes me happy, even though I am not much for mornings :)

8- You hate food, you gag on everything, and I mean everything... Well you do like sweet potatoes (I am afraid to feed you too many though, because I don't want you turning orange)

I love you so much Ian Russel!


Kristen said...

Kristi, I was so glad to see you left a comment today, I look forward to checking in on your fun little blog. Your sons are ADORABLE! and the photos are so precious! Happy 8 months to your little one :)

I am going to link to your blog if thats okay with you :)

Nikki said...

Happy Eight months Ian. You are such a sweetie and dang cute. I could be in the worst mood ever and you could make me happy. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, he is such a doll! Did you take that picture? It's SO cute. I love the little naked pictures against a black background - they are so precious.

I can't wait to come out there and see everyone. Harli is going to have to hold him - she loves to hold babies. I taught her how to say everyone's names last night. She said "Ian" and "Eekons". She's going to have so much fun playing with all of her little cousins. See you soon!

kandice-mom-of-3 said...

He is so cute. I am so glad you have your 2 sweet boys after all you go through to get them here. Kids are the best!-most the time. ;) Have a good day!

Janice said...

Dear Ian-
Like your mom I too can't get enough of kissing your sweet little self. I just want to kiss and kiss and kiss you. Keep being a good little boy for your mommy, and happy 8 months.

P.S Thanks for taking Morgie while I was at the dentist

Josh and Kristen said...

So cute. I love the picture. When I came to pick up McKay, I was thinking about how your boys had their own individual looks, but when you look at the two of them together in the picture on your sidebar... you can tell they are brothers... FOR SURE! So sweet. Thank you for preschool yesterday. We look forward to next week!

Who Knows??? said...

Uhhh...the last few pikturs of yer kids...they's all pasty lookin. Ya rilly should start feedin em.

Anonymous said...

So every time I visit your blog to check for new posts, and I see that cute picture of Ian I think "wouldn't that be funny if he peed down Courtney's arm! You know how baby boys are - you let them go without a diaper and the cold air causes a wee little accident. :D

LadyChaos777 said...

Wow! 8 months already. That is great!

Kristi, I love that picture! I am going to have to try that. Although I don't know how long Leslie will be able to hold 22 lb Kaylee up in the air like that. But is should be fun!

Tonya said...

Hey sweetie! So good to hear from you and catch up with you through your blog! Your little men are ADORABLE! Glad to see you are doing great! Love you!

Nikole said...

Kristi, Ian is so cute. I can't believe he is 8 months already!

Hey, I made my blog if you would like to be invited, please email me at so I can add you! (:

Melinda Cook said...

hey kristi, that is an adorable picture of Ian. He's just so fat! (in a good, baby way of course) Just thought I'd let you know, I hopped on the blogging bandwagon and started a blog so we can post what we're doing this summer- it's
(I haven't figured out yet how to add links to yours, nikki's, and janice's blog...)