Monday, March 1, 2010

Hilarious Outtakes

My little man was playing in the toy room at my inlaws house when I went to check on him this is what he had in his mouth, the pipe from a snowman kit… I couldn’t quit laughing.2 As I was going through pictures I couldn’t help but laugh at this picture, I have no idea what happened to make him make this face, but lol!!


This was from my sister in laws wedding, her hubby had taken off his suit coat for some pictures and was trying to get it to fit right again, when I came home to edit pictures and got to this I couldn’t quit laughing… I titled it groomzilla.

4-20-09 128

We went to visit my uncle and his baby raccoon, my little one was loving it, it was so curious, playing with his clothes, but I think right here it had licked his neck….


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