Thursday, September 2, 2010

This Little Man of Mine


This little man in my life is growing into such a big man. 

This morning I was going through Easton's book bag to make sure I got everything that needed to be signed signed, when I noticed it felt a little bit heavy.  I opened the small pocket, and to my surprise there were a few sets of his Lego's in there.  His Lego Indiana Jones car, a Lego Airplane, some random Lego's, and then about five men.  With the Lego's there were also three jolly ranchers.  I took the Lego's out, and then went to tell him because I didn't want him finding them missing at school later and not know where they went.  

Here is our conversation

Me:  Easton I took the Lego's out of your book bag you little raccoon, what were you doing with them in there?  (Don't worry Racoon is my pet name for them, please advise if I am scarring them for life...;)  )

Easton:  You left the candy though didn't you mom?

Me:  Yes I left the candy.

Easton:  Because I was taking it to give to a little Kindergartener that is mean to me.

Me:  What?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              (I was in shock...  What?  He hadn't come to me and asked me what to do, or even told me what was going on, and yet he figured out a perfect way to solve it.  And what!?  There is a child being mean to him and it is only the second day those Kindergartener's have been there!)

Easton:  It's this mean Kindergartener, and he pushes me and shoves me.  I thought if I took him a candy then he would be nice.

Oh my heaven's, can I tell you how proud I am, no humbled..  that would be the better word.  My children continue to teach me every day.  How he thought of this, and knew that it would work I have no idea, but I am in awe.  What a smart and grown up little man!