Sunday, October 5, 2008

President Monson Rocks!!

"....Find joy in the journey, Now..."
I enjoyed President Monson's talk so much today! From the moment he stood at the pulpit I could just feel the love coming from him, and his talk was so personal I think for so many people, how he talked about enjoying life, not wishing it away... About children and how the laundry piles up etc. But how we will wish these days back all too soon. I loved how he spoke about change, everything! I am so grateful for having a modern day prophet, and being a member of the church. I don't know how in these times of unsure and change people without the knowledge of our Savior do it. I can't imagine life without the knowledge of eternal marriage, families, temples, prayer, modern day revelation, miracles, the power of the priesthood.... I am so grateful for all that I have, I am so blessed. I know I will never be able to express how grateful I am to my Heavenly Father for all that I have. The picture of President Monson is one I found on the Internet. And the quote below it is one of my favorite things he said during his talk today....

Okay, so now I have a question for everyone. I was wondering what every one's opinions on dreams are? Do they have meaning? Are they our innermost fears? Are they of things to come? Are they just jumbles of our thoughts, experiences, nonsense... etc. I have been having dreams lately, different ones each time but of basically the same thing... The first night I dreamt of the past, every detail was correct, right there, even things I had forgotten.... then the dreams since then have been of the future (but you know how in your dream it is happening right now) I think it is just my fears coming out... but am not sure, and I don't like having these dreams. I have to admit that most of the time my dreams are of nonsense, or sometimes I dream of something happening to Court or one of my boys, I wake up really sad thinking is that just me being scared, or is something going to happen to them. These are different though, mixing with the past... etc. I know I can search dreams on the Internet and all of that, but that isn't really what I was going for, I was wondering if any of you have ever had any experience with dreams, or any really good advice that you have been given... etc.


The Peterson's said...

I hear ya this confrence was awsome I loved every min. of it, now about the dreams, I always have super strange ones or great one's The mind is a scary and wonderful thing. I think dreams have alot to do with what you are subconsously scared of. I dream about the past with the present with a tragity sometimes. I have also had dreams with a bit of revolation in them for my family and one I will share with you in person, woke me feeling the spirit so strong and it was with me for weeks i must have needed it or something. I love to try to ananlize dreams

Josh and Kristen said...

Thanks for sharing your feelings about conference. I really enjoyed that talk too. It makes you feel like its okay to live in "real" life, right?

Tam said...

Hi there
We sure miss you guys in the ward. Hope you don't mind me accidentally running into your blog. What a beautiful testimony you have. I sure enjoyed conference too. Please visit our blog:
Love James, Tammy,and new baby Ryan Madsen

Anonymous said...

My personal take on dreams is that it's your minds way of trying to organize your thoughts. I compare it to "defragmenting" your brain like you defragment your hard drive.

So during this "defragmenting" process I think that thoughts, memories, fears, dreams/goals, current events, etc. are all being organized into different parts of the brain and sometimes cross paths in the process.

But that's just my opinion. ;)