Thursday, April 14, 2011

Warning: Proud Parent

Yes, that is right, I’m very, very, very proud.  When we put Easton in Kindergarten, it wasn’t without studying, thinking, praying, worrying, second guessing etc etc.  Easton is one of the youngest in his class, and I know the new “thing” Is to hold your kids back a year, especially boys.  I worried A LOT about this.  I asked a lot of people/teachers their opinions, I heard both sides, some said for sure hold him back, others said if I felt good about it, and thought he was ready then to send him, and others were completely flabbergasted with the whole new hold them back thing.  To be completely honest my logical side kept coming back to holding him back, he would have the age, maturity, experience and time to be a lot better at school, he would have a better chance of being a leader amongst his friends, the whole sports thing would be a little easier, and then after he graduates he would only have a few months till he could leave on his mission, that would be a huge sigh of relief!  Through prayers, and a few opinions that I really respected, we decided to send him. 


Kindergarten was hard, I still worried about our decision, I had the peace knowing that we had followed the answer that we had been given, but sure enough that human part of me still worried.  There are kids more than a year older than him in the same class, and the developmental difference when they started was pretty apparent.  As I am typing this, I feel almost guilty for the way it is reading out, I am not trying to say that Easton was slower than the rest of his class, he is  and always was a very bright child, like I said before it was just the stage of their development that made things easier for the older kids to pick up on.  By the end of the year he was just where he needed to be for 1st grade, and I was feeling a lot better seeing how the kids were all starting to level out, it wasn’t quite as obvious who the oldest and youngest kids were in the class anymore. 

-2712 -2715

We had Parent Teacher Conference last night, and I just need a moment to brag.  Easton is in the top percentage of his class, they are expected to read 60 words per minute, and he is reading 80!!  By the end of Second grade they are only expected to read at 90. Smile  Yes like I said very proud moment.  There is a test that they take weekly to chart their knowledge of the math concepts they are supposed to know by the end of the year, I’m holding the test in front of me, but can’t find a name on it….  So you’ll just have to go along with me, ha ha.  There are 30 concepts they are supposed to have mastered by the end of the year, and Easton got 28 out of 30!!  The teacher also went on to tell me, Easton should have gotten this one and this one right, he knows them, and that there were a few questions on the test that were tricky, and the students didn’t understand them, and out of the entire class there are only a few who have gotten all 30/30 so far.  Overall our 1st grade has an 80% average, they are very very proud of the 1st grade accomplishments this year!

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I need to put a huge plug in here for the teachers, the faculty, and the community.  I LOVE that we live in a small town, I doubt any other school in the district is quite like ours, the community is so tight knit, and they come together and create an amazing experience for our children.  The teachers go above and beyond, and we have an awesome principal. 

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BTW Legoland was awesome!!!  And so child friendly!  Easton especially loved the miniature star wars land. Smile

Monday, April 11, 2011

I know you were all wondering where milk came from…..

Life here is never boring.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I’ve been wanting a new profile picture of Court and I for a year now.  I finally decided to just pull out the old tripod the other night and snap a few.  I need to download the remote app for my ipod, that way I wouldn’t have been running back and forth from the camera to Court.  We only had about 10 minutes before the light was going to be completely gone, so these were really rushed.  I really just need to have some family pictures taken by someone else. 


 -9336 -9322

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