Thursday, August 21, 2008

Old Pictures sorry

I wanted to show you some pictures of where we are building, so you all can see what a pretty view we have from our back patio!!
The one picture is quite old, it is from when they came and dug our footers, (we now have a foundation and a few logs stacked up.) I will take new pictures tomorrow, and post them. I signed Easton up for preschool, and he starts the first part of September, he is so excited! He keeps asking when he gets to go, and I keep having to tell him.... In three weeks, in two weeks......... It will be so weird to have him gone twice a week, I think that Ian will probably be lonely. I am excited though, it is so much easier to get stuff accomplished when I only have one child. Sometimes I feel like I get one thing fixed or cleaned up from one, and I turn around and there is something else that needs found, cleaned, fixed.... etc. Or someone else is hungry and needs a snack. I can't even imagine those of you who have more children...... How do you do it? I would never trade either one of them, or the daily experiences that we have though. Motherhood is so amazing to me, one minute you are ready to scream and pull your hair out, and the next I could just squeeze my two boys, hug them, and smother them in kisses.
I love you so much, Easton, Ian........ and you two Court. Sometimes I think you belong in the same category with them.... my three boys..... ;)


The Peterson's said...

Hey I totaly understand what your saying about wanting to pull your hair out then loving them to death the next min. my boys are only 19 months apart so they keep me bussy they drive me crazy and I love them to death and don't know what i would do without them all in the same breath

Anonymous said...

I love love the new pictures of the boys that you posted! You are so talented (and your boys are so cute)!

Janice said...

great pictures thanks for sharing.

Paul and Megan Hawkes said...

Progress, YEAH!

Ivylmnm said...

Hi! I don't have your regular email address but I want to ask you if you will come and bring your Body Shop stuff to my VernalMom's Group Party on Oct 8th.

All the girls that have home businesses are bringing their stuff and a few other special invites (that's where you fit in, I hope!) I missed Sarah's party and was disappointed so I would like to see what you've got. She says it is great stuff.

Call me and I will give you more info 828-8185.


Ivy M

Nikki said...

I am so excited for your house... If you ever need help just let us know.

Maria and Chris said...

Oh my gosh that is such a beatiful view you'll love all that space for your kids. Diane told me that I my blog wouldn't allow comments. Well I fixed now. What can I say I'm new to blogging. congrats on your house how exciting.

Carl & Holly Foley said...

I decided that I needed to look on Em's blog and find yours. You are going to have a beautiful view from your home. I also love the picture on the top of your blog, that is an awesome shot. Holls