Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Ian

Yesterday was Ian's second birthday... I threw up all morning, so Court called his mom to see if we could have the party up at their house. Thank you so much Diane for taking over, cooking the cake, and letting us have the party up there. I felt terrible for being sick on his birthday... Delsi and Court took pictures with my camera for me, thank you!

A few things I want to remember about you....

Last week I got you to say I love for the first time... It melted my heart. I said love you Ian... You said "Lelloo"
You get scared so easy, and run to me or daddy to hide in our arms.
You try to copy Easton on everything.
You look so much like your daddy, I love it!
You give the best loves.
I wish I could keep you little forever.... Please never grow up...
You call Easton brother... "Braaaa" I love it, I hope you are best friends forever!

Here is a picture from yesterday that Delsi took of Ian blowing out his candles, thanks again Delsi!

Then about three in the morning this morning, Wolverine, formerly known as Yoda, (Easton changed her name because "he can pop his claws out mom.") had her kittens! Six of them. Three black, and three "stripey". They are so cute, and we are so glad to finally have them here.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I can dream right....

I have wanted one of these since I was little, lately it is all I can dream of.... I would love to go riding... Poor Court, he just doesn't feel the same. He told me if I can make enough money to buy one myself then...... So here's to making enough money. Lol...
This is a picture of my neighbors beautiful horse.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Magic Crayons

Easton: Mom why are my eyes green?
Me: Because Heavenly Father made them that way....
Easton: Does he like have a magic crayon?
(I have to explain that Easton truly thinks his eyes are green because that is his favorite color. Because my eyes are brown, he thinks that must be my favorite color. I wonder what I would look like with pink eyes? ) lol

I better stick to brown!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bringing home a baby Bumblebee...

I found this bumblebee on my kitchen floor... How did it get there? Good question! When I found it I could tell it wasn't right, so I put a glass jar over it, and packed it outside so I could do what....? Of course, you know me take a picture of it.

I originally thought that if I took it outside, and put it on a flower, it would feel better. But as I watched it I felt so bad for it, I knew it was dying. The amazing thing to me though, was that as I watched it, it was still working. Trying to get the nectar out of the flowers, even though it could barely hang onto the flower. It really made an impression on me. Even one of God's littlest creations knows that it can do something good, and use full even when it doesn't have much left to give. I definately have a lot more to give, and need to do better.