Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary Court!

Today is Court and I's sixth anniversary :) So I decided to write six of my favorite things about Court,

He is such an amazing daddy, when he comes home, both Easton and Ian get so excited!!

He is the sweetest guy I have ever met, he does little things for me that I would never think of, that mean so much!

He loves everyone!! It doesn't matter who they are, what they have done, what they look like. He loves them, (this is one of my favorite things about him)

He will go to any chick flick with me, and not only will he go, he doesn't complain like most guys would, he doesn't make fun at the cheesy parts. (I think most of the time I think he enjoys them as much as me :))

He is honest, trully honest..... There has never even been a moment in our relationship where I have had to worry about him lying.

He works so hard for our family, and is such a good example. I hope that our boys can grow up to be just like him!

These are only a few of the reasons that I love him so much, and am so gratefull for the oppurtunity that I have had to be married to him!

I love you so much Court, you are the greatest husband ever!!


Janice said...

Happy Anniversary guys.

When was that Picture taken? YOu guys look really young, not that you look old now but, you know.

Courtney Kristi Easton & Ian said...

The picture was from our wedding day, at the wedding breakfast :) We were young, and skinny :)

Emily said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't believe how quickly time has gone! Super cute pix!

Paul & Megan Hawkes said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys are awesome! I love the picture! Have a great day.

Josh and Kristen said...

We just had our sixth anniversary in December! Wow! Time goes by so fast doesn't it? Thanks for brining Easton over today. Even though McKay was in a bad mood, later he told me thanks for letting his new friend come.

Who Knows??? said...

I member one tam he was'a ridin this brite pink scooter (rymes with Cooter) round town. If'n I were ta ride a pink scooter (rymes with Cooter...again) I'da been kicked in the crotch'n castrated by uncle Cooter, Billy bob, and my son Rosco. Larlene woulda deevorced me and ma dog woulda cocked hees leg and...well...he just woulda. I wouldn't a been able ta be seen in the trailer park no more and...hold on...I guess I be a ramblin, seems like i seen a post bout "ta speak er not ta speak" somwhere. I guess i's just jealus cuz I always was wantin a pink scooter (rymes with Cooter...again, again) but was always to skirred to get one. Yer husbind sure sounds like a good guy though, evin if he does have porcupine hair and owns a pink scooter (rymes with Cooter again, again, again).

Bryan, Jesenia & Seneca said...

Can you believe that 6 years ago in Feb, we were all getting married. I still remeber talking to you and Courtney, that day of our reception, about you guys getting married in a couple of weeks. I can't belive that time goes by so fast. I hope you had a wonderful day together. :) wink wink. hee hee