Friday, October 30, 2009

How long do you think it will last....

Easton begs to do his homework, I have bribed him with it actually. Terrible I know. He really doesn't like to take the time to eat so a couple of weeks ago I told him, you can't do your homework until you have eaten your dinner. It worked, his plate was clean in one minute.
He found out that most of the other kindergarten kids get to stay the whole day, and has been begging me. Mom when are you going to tell the office that I get to stay the whole day? It isn't fair mom, I want to get to learn as much as the other kids. Ha ha... I LOVE it!! How long do you think it will last? ;)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Corn Maze & sNoW...

We went to the corn maze this past weekend with Nikki, Dave, Andru, Lexi, Anthony, Lisa, and Lawrence. It was soooo cold! When we left it was pretty nice, but by the time we got there it had started blowing... brrrr! We still had fun though, even though I am not much for being cold. Here the kids are on the cute little cow train.

I loved this picture of Dave and Lexi.

I was taking pictures of all the kids going down the slide, and they kept having to push themselves down because it wasn't slippery enough. Well I told Court to go down face first so I could get a good picture of his face, and he came flying down it... I don't know why he went so fast but when he hit the dirt at the end, his hoodie came up and he got some pretty good road rash.... Sorry for telling you to go down face first Hottie.

sNoW!..... At least it is good for pictures right... ;)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I am so blessed

I have been thinking about this all day, and really wanted to get on and say so... These past couple of weeks haven't been my all time favorite. (Easy way to put it But, I really wanted to get on and say that today I just felt overwhelmingly blessed... No particular reason, just looked around, and then the song came into my head "Count your many blessing name them one by one..." I can't believe how much my Heavenly Father has given me. I am truly truly blessed.

Then later I was thinking about how I got the top #1 husband of all, and how I felt bad for everyone else who didn't get him... and that chorus popped into my head "All you single ladies.. all you single ladies..." I don't know any more of the words than that, just thinking poor single ladies, I got the best one... Sorry. :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

You are such a JOY!!

Easton: Mom where did Santa get his elves?
Me: I don't know, that is a good question... (this is what I say when I have no idea what to say... lol)
Easton: Can he make them, or did someone give them to him...
Me: ummm.... I have no idea... lol...

Easton comes up stairs comes over to me, turns around, turns towards me, starts smiling, turns back around...
Me: What are you trying to do?
Easton: I can't do it....
Me: Are you trying to be serious.
Easton: For what?
Me: Are you trying to be serious.
Easton: For what?
Me: Are you trying not to smile...?
Easton: (with a really mischievous smile)... Mom come out side, there is someone out there waiting for you... They bought you a really beautiful couch....
Me: Lol... you are teasing me....
Easton: (Busts up laughing) I am teasing you....

Easton: Mom are we real, or do we live in a T.V.?
Me: (pretty blown away by how intuitive this question is....) No we are real...

I need to write down the things he says a lot more... He struggles in school with his ABC's, but his teacher said he is on a higher level of (now the word eludes me) questioning... analyzing... does anyone know the word.. When they read stories he really analyzes them, and has a lot of questions. Well anyway... you know what I mean right? It shows too... he asks me questions everyday, all day long... Ones that I have no answers for. Poor kid, I know he must think I am not very smart.

Love you Easton, you are such a JOY!!

Awwwe... I had to come back and add it... I think it is deductive reasoning?? Is that right?

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Yesterday morning after Easton went to school, Lilo was out in the yard barking at a couple of the neighbors dogs. Piko heard her barking, and went out, (Lilo is the boss, Piko is her protector, Piko also thinks he is a lot bigger than he actually is) He ran out into the yard, to chase them out, and got attacked. I feel terrible, every time I think about it, the images of him being thrown around come back, it makes me so sick. I was upstairs screaming from the window, I ran down the stairs, out the door, barefoot across the yard, and down the road chasing them screaming. Piko ran into the house yelping, while I was chasing the dogs, and hid. It took me about five minutes to find him, I knew that when dogs are really hurt they will go somewhere to be alone and die, and that is all I could think of. I finally found him under our bed, but couldn't get him out, I moved the mattress, but couldn't move the box springs... I called my friend who lives down the road, she owns a dog grooming shop, and is seriously amazing with animals. I could barely talk because I was sobbing, and out of breath from everything, (I don't handle crisis situations very well, that is one talent I truly wish I had). My friend was out of town though, in Salt Lake actually for her dog. She told me to call a guy here in T-town that is a vet, she said he will take such good care of Piko. She wasn't kidding. I called him, I am embarrassed now at how I probably sounded, but he was so kind, told me what to do, and to bring him right over. I called and called and called Piko, finally he came running out from under the bed, and ran for the laundry room, I trapped him picked him up in a towel, grabbed Ian, and went to the vet's house. The vet was so kind, met me outside, took Piko from me, took him inside and looked at him for a minute. He came back out and explained all of the injuries that he could see, and what he was going to do. He ran a practice in California, and just a year ago moved here, so he still has a lot of the equipment. They put him under, and did surgery on him, he had a couple really big lacerations, one over his liver, but luckily it didn't puncture, they are worried about bruising on it though, his right shoulder was torn open, and the skin was completely lifted off, same with his lower right side. His neck muscle had a 3/4" tear in it from the dogs k9 teeth, they had to suture that internally, and then they sutured up the remaining lacerations, and punctures, leaving openings for it to seep. I can't tell you how blessed I feel for them living so close, and being so willing to help, they sent us home with a cage, heat pad, food, water dish towel, ect. I also feel so blessed that he wasn't killed. His injuries are life threatening, the vet sent us home with strict instructions on what to watch for, meds to give him several times a day, and a syringe to force food and water into him, but I really think he will pull through. He seems to be doing okay this morning, he will lick water off of my finger, and we got his medicine in him. He wags his tail a little when we walk in the room and talk to him. We packed him outside this morning and set him down to see if he would use the bathroom, and he peed!!! Easton started sobbing when he saw him last night, it broke my heart all over again. We talked, and I told him that it would be okay, that the vet fixed Piko up really good, he asked a lot of questions, once I answered all of them, I think he felt better. But when we told him it was bed time and to tell Piko good night you could see the tears well up in his eyes. I am glad he has such a big heart. Piko is all wrapped up right now in bandages that say ouch in all different languages all over, but here are a few pictures.