Wednesday, March 23, 2011

From the proud owner of a Robot Horse.

I’m going to type as I ask Ian a few questions, I want you to experience one minute with Ian. Winking smile


What is your robot horse’s name?

“Well, well, his name is Hawk, now type in his name.”

Is there anything else you want to tell me about Hawk?

“Well, he has that black letter on him.”

A black letter?

“mmmmhmmm, he has that on him…. but that one goes on my robot talking pillow….. ha ha ha ha…  that’s funny!”

Why does your robot horse have a black letter on him?

“Oh, cause he is a black letter robot.  He has lots of them, to spell his name.  But they float in my swimming pool, he is at my tent.  I don’t know which mountain it is on, it is on a really far away one, a bumpy one, it is really bumpy.”

-9763 -9784

What color is your robot horse?

“Well he is black with his black friends….  Well he has, well he has…  Well I have dragons too.  Will you type in my robot pillow’s name that talks, I have one…  ha ha ha ha.”

Do you want to tell me anything else?

“No, well um, that is all the questions that I have.”

I’m going to start a section called ask Ian, do you have a question you don’t know the answer to, or a dilemma you don’t know how to fix…  Well I know someone who has all the answers, or at least give you a good laugh.

Come on ask away, I dare you. Winking smile


Lacy said...

Ask Ian, If he could invent a color what would it be?

Janice {Run Far} said...

Oh my word.... he is to fetchin cute.

Georgene said...

If your bolg had a "like" button I would push it, 'cause I sure do like him! He is crazy cute!!!

Georgene said...

Dad wants to know if you charge to "Ask Ian", this could make him rich.

Joie said...

Love the sunflare!
That non-stop stream of consciousness is hilarious. He must entertain you all day long!

Anonymous said...

LOL... OMG, too funny. He's such a cutie. You seriously should start a blog called "ask Ian". I'd like to ask him what I can do to make his cousin Harli listen to me better.

Georgene said...

Ian, I would like to know why the wind blows and how to stop it?