Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Man how do you start a post about your child.  I was laying in bed yesterday morning thinking about my little Easton Roo, I had a million thoughts, I want to list a few.


Easton is the most loving big brother any person could ask for, Ian is one lucky little boy to be able to call him brudder.  He is always thinking of Ian’s feelings…  If I get him a treat he will ask, “can we get one for Ian?”  He gets prizes from his reading teacher after reading fifteen books, most of the time Ian wants what he brings home so badly that Easton will share until he has earned enough to get another prize, and instead of getting one for himself something, he will get a second of whatever it was he got previously and give the new one to Ian.  He loves Ian, kisses Ian, calls him cute, protects him.  He is the BEST big brudder!!

Easton is a VERY talented musician.  I can’t believe how quickly he has picked up the guitar, he’s like a fish to water with it.  He memorizes songs after a few times playing them.  He has memorized the notes without having to use any of the tricks like FACE or Every Good Boy Does Fine… etc.  He wouldn’t know what I was talking about if I mentioned either one of those. ha ha. 

Easton is humble, to a fault.  That little rascal won’t believe a word I say when I tell him how amazing he is.  In fact I wish I could convince him on at least one thing of how much he rocks.

Easton is a rockin’ ball player.  From the time he was a year he could throw a ball like you couldn’t believe.  He nailed a home teacher in the head with a foam ball when he was 18 months and the man shoved the ball down the couch instead of giving it back, ha.  He can throw so hard that when he was playing T Ball last year he threw from first and it went over the fence behind the catcher and hit a car.  Ouch. 

Easton makes me want to be a better mom.  He can look right through you.  He reads people really well, too well, for being six. 


He is beautiful, inside and out!


Georgene said...

I think he's pretty great too! Real good pictures.

Katherine Vincent said...

what a touching post. You are so good with words kris. I am are wards 7-8 year old teacher and I want to have the parents write up a little story or highlight about there child for when they tur eight. I think yours is suce a perficte example. You can see how much you love your children, and how that radiates on to then, and how they treat each other. Thank you so much for being dmy freind and selling a good example.

Joie said...

It's nice to know they eventually grow up. It is intimidating being a mom sometimes when you know your children are so amazing, but I have no doubt you are up for the task. He couldn't do all those amazing things without you loving and encouraging him everyday. What a beautiful little soul to have in your life.

Lacy said...

Very sweet post! What a sweet beautiful little boy with a sweet beautiful mommy!

tonandboys said...

What a sweetheart! This is beautiful! Such a talented little boy, but most amazing, he has such an enormous heart.