Sunday, April 10, 2011


I’ve been wanting a new profile picture of Court and I for a year now.  I finally decided to just pull out the old tripod the other night and snap a few.  I need to download the remote app for my ipod, that way I wouldn’t have been running back and forth from the camera to Court.  We only had about 10 minutes before the light was going to be completely gone, so these were really rushed.  I really just need to have some family pictures taken by someone else. 


 -9336 -9322

-9329 -9334


Joie said...

These came out great! I would have never known that you were running back and forth. I so know what you mean about having someone else take the photos...takes the stress away.

Wish upon a Starr said...

You guys are such a cute couple!! I was going through the pictures you did for us again with my mom (so she could get more current pics for her wall) and well, I hate to say it, but I forgot how good they turned out. I ABSOLUTELY love them!!! I still don't have them on my wall, trying to collect frames. Going to make a big collage out of them. Too many good pics to choose from. So, be expecting a call next year from us!! Thanks!!!

JanaG said...

Those are great! Cute couple! {{{{insert whistle here}}}}!

Delsi said...

LOVE THEM, SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!