Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kelsi’s Birthday


Today went so well.  It was an awesome day.  (Okay to be quite honest there were quite a few mishaps with the cake, but it turned out alright in the end so we are all good.. ha ha)  That’s what I get for trying a new recipe for the cake, and first time trying to mold anything with modeling chocolate.

-8758 -8766

I can’t believe my little baby girl would have been eight today.  In some ways it feels like that part of our lives was a million years ago.  I am grateful for that part, when it was so fresh it was so hard, but with years, and healing it gets easier and easier.  Now her life is a celebration, I am grateful for the opportunity we had to have her, I’m grateful she is somewhere safe, and that we will get to see and live with here again.  I am grateful that we have a beautiful baby girl waiting for us in Heaven. Smile

We let wish lanterns go for her, like the ones off of Tangled.  They were a LOT bigger than I had anticipated, and we were a little nervous when we saw how big the flame was, ha ha.  Court ran pretty fast and jumped a huge fence all in stride while trying to catch one we thought went rogue…  (We didn’t want to burn the neighbors house or haystack down.)  The pictures aren’t going to do them justice, I should have gotten some with us holding them, but then again I was too worried about them rising to get any until they were in the air.  (The lanterns were about four feet tall!)


-8792 -8799

-8802 -8804 -8811 

-8816 -8820 -8822

-8829 -8826 -8842

-8847 -8851


I loved how all the kids gathered around and helped blow out the candles, I am sure Kelsi loved it!  Brynlie also drew and wrote the cutest card for her, I loved it, but forgot to take pictures, I will have to take some later.

Thanks everyone for coming over and helping us celebrate!

Happy Eighth Birthday Baby Kelsi, we love you!


Kandice said...

Wha a beautiful post.
The cake and lanterns were so beautiful and perfect.
My 8 year old got baptized yesterday-so I got so choked up thinking of your perfect sweet angel who was the same age-how time flies.....

Janice {Run Far} said...

I so wish we could have been there. I had great plans to release balloons for her with my kids.... our day didn't go the way I had thought. Not a bad day, just different. So we didn't get to release them. I definetly was thinking of you all and baby Kelsi.

Joie said...

How beautiful, Kristi. I'm so glad it has transformed into such a happy celebration for your family. That modeling chocolate looks amazing by the way!!

Josh and Kristen said...

Wow! You did a great job with the cake and the lanterns are awesome! I am thankful for the gospel and I am thankful for your positive post about Kelsi. I can only imagine that while time does heal, that it probably still stings a little. You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Everything is beautiful. I can't believe those lanterns were that tall! And that cake - AMAZING. I love it. Wish we could have been there.

Nikki said...

Happy Birthday Kelsi! It was a great party. I loved the laterns, they were awesome. You are such a strong amazing person I look up to you more than you know.

tonandboys said...

Your cake turned out Amazing!!! It is absolutely beautiful! Is there anything you can't do? I want you to know that you were on my mind all week long. I knew exactly what I wanted to get for Kelsi's birthday, but I couldn't find just the right one...I was so the hunt continues. Your lanterns look amazing! Beautiful lanterns for a beautiful angel. love you, Kristi

Lacy said...

Oh kristi, I'm such a horrible friend. I always think, I'm going to remember next year and I always forget.

That cake is so cute. How special is that!

Those lanterns are amazing. Happy birthday kelsi!!