Friday, November 16, 2007


So I use to
like the smell of WD40, that is probably because I had never smelled it in a huge dose, or a small enclosed space...... It will even kill spiders, so that made me really like it. That is until today.... Andru and Nikki came over for a while today, and our mom dropped by for lunch, so we were all out here talking about christmas stuff etc. We all thought Andru and Easton were back playing in his bedroom like they usually do. Well Andru came out, and Nikki was like what is that weird smell, is that Gasoline? OH MAN... Boys!!! What else can I say? They are so curious... crazy little critters!! Courtney keeps his tools in the back bedroom, (not anymore!!) Easton found a can of WD40 in one of the tool boxes. It was everywhere! Puddles of it on the wood floor, on the laptop case, on the storage tupperware boxes, puddles!! I can't even describe the smell! And we were supposed to be putting our house up for sale this week. Did I mention that my wedding dress was in the closet back there, and that it's plastic storage bag thing, has a whole in the bottom of it. Well Nikki said some people use WD40 to remove stains, I guess the train of my wedding dress won't have stains. YA!! Oh man.... I don't even know what to say. It only takes Easton a few minutes to create havic. It would be nice to be able to blame it on someone else, or maybe pretend it wasn't all Easton. But he is way to honest and said to Nikki, Andru didn't do it, I sprayed it. I think he was proud. Last week he climbed up on our bed, reached over to the top of our dresser (which is ussually to high for him to reach too) and got daddy's cologne, wow. Our wood bedposts still smell great. He also once got this squirt bottle full of aloe vera... all over the carpet, the bedspread etc. He used to have a big tall fake fishtank in his room, it had those little fake nemo's, and bubbled with lights etc. I would guess it held 4-5 gallons of water. Well imagine that all over his tipped over bookcase. These are just a few of many, very many! I know.. you all are probably laughing, trust me I would to, if it were yours :) And I know I will probably laugh later, much later. It is just that I started today with a headache, and that smell, well..... lets just say it doesn't help. Who knows.... I hope all of you are having a good day, maybe you could share a few of your crazy children stories with me so that I will feel better. What would we do without our kids, do you think we might get bored, or would our houses just be really clean.... lol. In the end I just have to say, even though I felt like crying earlier when I saw the mess, I love my little Easton Roo, and at least he is honest :)


Anonymous said...

LMAO! You poor thing! I don't have any funny stories to share with you about Harli (because she’s still too little), but we had some neighbors come over one time and their little girl scribbled all over our carpets, walls, cupboards, and herself with permanent magic marker. Then she pooped on the ground under the ping-pong table, peeked out and said "Mommy, I pooped". You’re going to think we’re the rudest people, but we would actually hide in the back room and not answer the door when we saw them coming. Their daughter was just too destructive.

Oh, and we have some friends that built a beautiful new house. We went to see it and there little three year old went into the food storage room and thought it would be fun to break ALL of the jars of spaghetti sauce onto the new carpet. There was broken glass and spaghetti sauce EVERYWHERE. We ran and got our carpet cleaner, and the more we tried to clean it up the more it spread. It was such a mess.

Jesenia and Bryan said...

Hello Kristi, how are you, I found you through Janice's blog, I didn't know you had another baby, congrats, I have to say I don't know anything about little boys, I guess I will learn if we have a boy. Seneca keeps me busy, but not like that. Good luck, it looks like you are a great mom. Let me know how you are doing.

Janice said...

Oh my heck, I love that boy. Even though he causes havoic for you in you daily lives, i just can't help but think he is the cutest little man ever. He keeps you busy but hopefully someday it will slow down. Love you guys

kandice-mom-of-3 said...

Kristi. I had a very similiar story. We were finishing our basement last winter. Well, after the walls were sheetrocked and textured, I found Gavin down their with a whole can of WD40 emptied on the freshly done walls. I FLIPPED. I had to use special primer and everything everywhere he sprayed. Boys will be boys I

Nikole said...

Hi Kristi! I found your blog through Kandice's. I hope that's okay! I have been wondering how you guys are doing. Brian never told me you guys had another baby! He is adorable! Congratulations. And Easton is getting so big, and he's a cutie, too. I'm sorry he's a little troublemaker...hopefully it's a stage that will soon pass! I hope everything's going great for you guys! You should look at my blog from Kandice's page so you can see pictures of our little girl!

Nikki Merrell