Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Corn Maze & sNoW...

We went to the corn maze this past weekend with Nikki, Dave, Andru, Lexi, Anthony, Lisa, and Lawrence. It was soooo cold! When we left it was pretty nice, but by the time we got there it had started blowing... brrrr! We still had fun though, even though I am not much for being cold. Here the kids are on the cute little cow train.

I loved this picture of Dave and Lexi.

I was taking pictures of all the kids going down the slide, and they kept having to push themselves down because it wasn't slippery enough. Well I told Court to go down face first so I could get a good picture of his face, and he came flying down it... I don't know why he went so fast but when he hit the dirt at the end, his hoodie came up and he got some pretty good road rash.... Sorry for telling you to go down face first Hottie.

sNoW!..... At least it is good for pictures right... ;)


Joie said...

love, LOVE the snow photo!

Janice {Run Far} said...

I love the snow pic of Easton... so cute. To funny/sad about court. :)
The pic of Dave and Lexi is super cute. They need to blow that one up.

I miss you. How about you come out her in Dec with Steph... how fun would that be.... her ticket was about $245... come on, I know you wanna.

Lacy said...

So cute!

You should have seen me trying to get in that slide with Lilli! It was like a comedy I ended up going sideways!

Love the snow picture, but I'm not glad it snowed at all!

Josh and Kristen said...

How fun! We haven't gone to the corn maze this year, but my kids love it. I love the picture you got of your sweetie and the one of Easton in the snow! Awesome!

Nikki said...

I wish it would have been warmer.... it was still fun I love the pictures