Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mine-a Blelly

Cuppa: anything you drink out of... this could be a hat, sippy cup, shoe... etc...
Bumba: something mommy changes a lot.
Bra: best friend and playmate, better known as Easton.
Keddy: cousin Lexi. (this is one of my favorites, it sounds like you are calling her kitty... )
A few things you just said:
Putt-a, mine-a, juice-a, down-a: I am setting my juice here.
Kiss-a, mine Blelly: Kiss my belly.


The Peterson's said...

oh that was super cute

Anonymous said...

That kids is so darn cute! I loved listening to "Ianese"... you can actually understand him really well. What a cutie!

Lacy said...

So cute and again your pictures are awesome!

Nikki said...

I love that cute little boy!!! I hope he never stops calling Lex Kitty... I love it. I love the pictures too!!