Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Easton's 1st day of Kindergarten

It has been really hard for me to send Easton off to Kindergarten. I have heard it is harder with your first. I don't want to see him grow up, I wish I could teach, and then I would just home school him. His teacher is really nice, and has called or talked to me everyday which makes it easier. Over , here they usually do full day Kindergarten, but this year, thank the heavens, they got funding for a half day class. They have two full day classes, and then one half day class. I was really relieved when they finally got it all worked out so that we could do the half day.... There were only four parents that wanted their children in the half day class, so they split the rest of the children up in his class, between the other two teachers for the remainder of the day. Something else that makes it easier for me, is that there are around 16 kids in the same grade as him from our ward.... weird because I had no idea there were that many. Court and I tried counting them, and could only come up with twelve, ten of them were boys... wow!! The boys outnumber the girls over here at least 2 to 1, in every age group. Sorry random thoughts, it just really surprises me, usually it is the opposite.
Easton loves school, the first day when I went to pick him up he was REALLY disappointed that he wasn't able to stay for lunch, so we figured it all out, and he and the other four half day kids now all stay for lunch. Lol, I am sure when he gets older and reads this he will laugh that he was ever upset about missing school lunch...
Love you Easton, you are the most amazing, smart, handsome boy in the whole world!

Ian felt really left out that I was taking pictures of just Easton... Can you see how sad he is. Everyday when we drop Easton off at his classroom, Ian cries "I want to go in... I want to go in..." He doesn't like leaving brother.

I was taking a couple of pictures of him in his classroom, and this is his "please stop mom, I am so embarrassed" look... lol


Joie said...

Weren't WE just in kindergarten? I love that you went in his class...good memories, great photos.

Kandice said...

He is so cute!-not to mention very lucky to have such a good, cute and talented photographer mommy to capture all these moments!

Janice {Run Far} said...

LOL- You are such a good mommy. I cant wait for morgan to go to kindergarten (2 more yrs) they have full day kinder here and I am STOKED... cant wait to have the day to myself... YAY me. :)

tonandboys said...

You are such a wonderful mother! Easton is a lucky kid!