Sunday, April 26, 2009

Things I want to remember

I realized the other day how quickly I forget the small and simple things that I absolutely love.... So this is for my and Ian's sake. :) So all of you who don't want to read can skip to the oooh so squishable cheeks picture. ;)
Things I want to remember about my little Ian at this age.
Whenever you see any kind of bug you get so excited, clasp your hands and say, buggy, buggy.
You call anything you can drink a cuppa, you say it over and over again when you want something to drink. "Cuppa, cuppa, cuppa."
You love music, you love to sing, dance. You try to copy everything your brother, and I do. You are so tenderhearted, and get your feelings hurt so easy.
You are full of mischief. You do things after I tell you no no just to watch my reaction..... oooh you little raccoon! :)
You still love to cuddle, I call you my little cuddle monkey, and you love kisses.
I rarely get an unposed picture of you because every time I pull the camera out you say "cheese..." About two months ago you just decided you were going to talk and since then you will say anything and everything. A few more of the words you say that I love, Kiko (Piko), Mommy (I know this is a word that you learned a long time ago, but it is all in the way you say it. You get so excited, "Mommy!" It melts my heart. Oooh I love you soooo much!


Diane said...

What a precious little guy! Oh just enjoy, enjoy enjoy! love ya all, grandma and grandpa M.

Wish upon a Starr said...

That is so sweet, and you are going to be so glad you did this. This is something that even two years from now will get you all teary eyed.

Georgene said...

I agree he is kinda cute and loveable! He is my little bug.

Nikki said...

Ian your stinkin cute. I love the looks you give me it cracks me up

Lacy said...

So sweet! I wish I'd done more of that when my kids were so tiny.