Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I absolutely love Easter! I love the time of year, the colors, celebrating Christ, and his Resurrection. I love getting together with family, everything. We have had such an amazing Easter this year, and still more to come. Here are a few, okay more than a few pictures of our celebrations this year.
Friday we went to Nikki's house, and dyed Easter eggs. We had so much fun.

Yesterday, we had the Simmons Family Easter party. Each of the boys got a Speedracer helmet.

Today when they woke up and found out the Easter Bunny had come, Easton said "again at our house?" It was so cute.... I bet he will be really confused and excited later when Grandma Georgene has a little hunt for them at her house.
This is what the Easter Bunny left them.


Anonymous said...

those pictures are all so adorable! And the kids are all so dang cute!

The Peterson's said...

what great pictures they are awsome.

tonandboys said...

You take the most amazing pictures! It is an amazing art! Easter is so wonderful!

Wish upon a Starr said...

The whole easter egg coloring part looks so clean for you guys. How did that happen? We had to strip the boy down, good thing too, and good thing the dye comes off counters with minimal effort.

They got some awesome stuff from the easter bunny. How fun to have two boys together. Oh yea, your pics are so awesome. I tried taking some thoughtful pics, but they didn't come out even close to yours.

RoseAnna said...

Your pictures are so awesome. You little boys are pretty cute too!:) Hope your new house is everything you hoped it would be!