Monday, December 17, 2007

Nikki had her baby!! She is SOOOO cute!! She looks so much like Nikki. She weighed 7lb 10oz, was 19 1/2", and has lots of dark hair. Andru is so excited, Nikki said when she came down to see the baby earlier today, she turned to Nikki and said "Thanks Mommy!" How cute!! What a great christmas present! Love you guys, congratulations!


Anonymous said...

oh - that Andru is such a doll. I'm glad everything went well. What a cutie with those kissable cheeks! You'll definitely have to post more pictures when you can.

Janice said...

Oh i wanted to blog about that stinking cute baby too but i forgot my camera. She is so cute, i just couldnt stop staring at her. Andru is so dang cute and funny I just love hearing her talk about Alex.