Thursday, November 18, 2010

I’m an alien

I was editing pictures this morning, and my little Ian walked up by me and said “I’m an alien!”  I looked over at him, and just bust up…  How could I not?  He had taken the swimming goggles that Court had bought for he and Easton this summer and put them on backwards. 

WARNING:  picture overload, to try and make up for my family blog lacking skills.  ;)

-6434 copy -6436

-6471 copy

                                     -6480 copy -6506 copy 

                -6508 copy -6510 copy

Then he pushes the band up, “It’s me Ian Mom,  ta da!” -6516 copy  “Oh there you are I was worried.” :D

-6517 copy -6519 copy

Then he “magically” transforms back into an alien….

-6520 copy -6521 copy -6523 copy

-6525 copy

-6537 copy -6550 copy -6560 copy -6565 copy

It’s a good thing alien’s are so stinkin’ cute!!

                                    -6570 copy -6572 copy -6585 copy

Oh wait, what, I mean who do we have here?

             -6589 copy -6592 copy

-6593 copy -6602 copy -6604 copy -6607 copy

                                       -6615 copy -6617

I’m not sure who the man in the goggles is yet, when we figure that out we will get back to you.

Oh and we will be back later this week with something new Easton is doing.. :)


Janice {Run Far} said...

so cute. what a funny little man.

Kandice said...

Hehe. how cute. and look how awesome those pictures are! My kids are getting jipped with my photo taking ;)

Josh and Kristen said...

So stinkin' cute. I also just read your last post from September about Easton giving candy to the kindergartener that was mean to him... and it is SO sweet. What a good boy!

Joie said...

I love everything about this post! Spontaneous photo shoots are the best!

Rob & Emily Willardson Family said...

Holy Stinkin' cute!!! What a doll!! Do you want to arrange for two marriages? Seriously so cute!

Lacy said...

Ha ha, I love kid's imagination and can I say He is beautiful!!!