Friday, May 28, 2010

Last day of Kindergarten

Ian and I took Easton to school today so that I could take a few pictures of him with his teachers.  I decided to snap a few of them in front of the school.  I asked them to stop and turn around, I just kept snapping trying to get one where they were both paying attention.  When I got home I realized how cute they were in a video format, you can tell how excited they both are...  Here it is, sorry it is so bouncy, I was hand holding my camera, and not planning on making a video.


I just love love love my little boys, I am so proud of both of them!  Easton did so well in school this year.  He is reading and loves to write, almost everyday he brought home papers that said, "I like my mom, I like my dad, I like Ian..."  He wrote about airplanes, robots, the wii, etc.  He was lucky enough to have two amazing teachers, Mrs. Erickson, and Ms. Nelson.  Here are a couple pictures of his last few days and graduation.   Don't I have the most handsome boy ever!

                                          -6260   -6263

Here are a few pictures of him and his schoolmates from Ms. Nelson's class.  They were singing the songs they learned this year.

-6277 -6268


Yes, he does look short in all these pictures, but give the poor kid a break, he isn't even six yet... ;)

Ms. Nelson:

                                             -6282    -6331

Mrs. Erickson:


And here is Easton after he received an award for 93% or better attendance.


I love you Easton Roo, you are AMAZING!  You have a heart of gold, are silly as can be,  just as smart, so determined, and when you learn something new, or find something that you want, you don't stop till you attain it.  I know you will be a very successful man someday. 

I am so grateful for you in my life everyday! 

Wahoo that it is summer and we get to play!

Congratulations Easton on graduating Kindergarten, we love you SOOOOO much!!


Georgene said...

Congratulations Easton! I Love You. Grandma Georgene

Lacy said...

That video is very cute!I don't think my camera would take that fast...
Your boys are so cute and very handsome!

Josh and Kristen said...

Cute. Congrats to a smart little boy for learning so much and doing so well in Kindergarten. Its hard to believe that next year is a full day of first grade!! Aaahhh! Craziness.

Janice {Run Far} said...

so cute. cant wait to come see you guys in July.

Joie said...

Love that video! I might have to try that some time.

tonandboys said...

Too cute! I love the video. I can't believe how fast the year flew by. Those graduation caps are so cute! so sad that Caleb had to miss such a special day. It looks like it was really fun! Easton is such a cutie! I hope they will be in the same class next year. Who is Easton's teacher next year? We will have to have some playdates at the new park this summer. We are headed down to see how it is coming along in a few. p.s. I will have to tell you my funny story about what happened after you left the gas station the other night. It was a little tramatic too, but I am going to go with funny.

Ernie Creel said...

Absolutely fantastic page. Almost brings you to tears. Ain't Life Great?