Friday, December 11, 2009

Quick catch up

So you know when you let your blog go so long that you feel there is no possible way to catch it up? Well that is me now.... I have felt so busy lately, that happens to all of us I know, especially around the holidays, and I have this weakness, I hate to blog without a picture. So here I am without a picture to post because although I have been taking and editing pictures like crazy lately, I haven't taken one of my boys in the last month... or of anything going on in our life.

I have to post though, and say how blessed I have felt. I have a beautiful warm home, an amazing husband, two beautiful boys, the gospel, and to many other blessings to list. I had the opportunity to go and do baptisms for the dead last night, I love, love, LOVE watching the youth, and being there in the beautiful, peaceful temple.

This past month I have also gotten the opportunity to watch a five year old boy learn how to read. It is like MaGIc!! I seriously got all teary eyed watching him bring his first book home, and sound the words out. He has now been through five more, and I love every minute of it. Thank you once again to his amazing teachers, you all ROCK!!

I will finish with a cute little thing that Ian has learned. He is so mellow, timid, and shy (at first).. He has started saying "I scawdy cat" whenever he gets scared... too cute!

I promise more to come, and pictures to. I bought Ian the cutest vest ever and so want to take pictures of them!


Ivy Lou said...

I am so glad that everyone else feels as I do! Busy, busy!

Lacy said...

I've been so behind myself! But don't stop. I love reading your post. If I don't get to talk to you have a very merry christmas!

tonandboys said...

I heard your boys are feeling under the weather. I hope they get to feeling better soon. I was so sad that we ran out of CTR rings on Sunday. I hope Easton wasn't too sad. I bet he was, because I know the kids were all looking forward to it. The order was placed last September and based on current numbers. Our primary has grown a lot. So, both JoAnn and Torrie were so worried about having enough last Sunday, they each went to the distribution center last week and both bought some extras. Unfortunately, Mindy left town with the originals. With the extras, we barely had enough for all the kids that were there on Sunday. We had exactly enough. When Mindy comes back, we will have the other 50 rings. So, I will personally make sure Easton gets his ring next week. I hope he wasn't too disappointed. He is such a sweetheart.