Friday, July 31, 2009


July is such a busy month for everyone, and it is the same at our house. Sometimes being busy really gets to me, other times it helps keep such a nice pace. I have really enjoyed this month.
I have had the opportunity to take pictures for a couple of people, and really enjoyed it!
I also had the opportunity to go to girls camp, LOVED it!! I can't even express how amazing it was. I am sure it helped that we have the most amazingly awesome girls. The challenge course was awesome, the games were awesome, the hikes were awesome, the talks were amazing, and then spiritual night, are there even words? I took a ton of pictures, but haven't had the opportunity to edit them. I will get to that tonight, and hopefully post some tomorrow.
Easton turned five, and you know the first thing I thought when I saw him when I got home from girls camp was, wow you are way to pretty to be a boy. I can't believe he will be starting school in a month, makes me so sad.
Lately I have been really obsessed with the sky, the clouds, beautiful golden light etc. I am not sure what creates these beautiful cumulus clouds we have had lately, but I am loving it. Every time i see them I want to pull my camera out. Here is a picture of the sunset from Wednesdaynight.


Lacy said...

Beautiful! I can't wait for our pictures to be done!

Wish upon a Starr said...

Kristy, your pics are so pretty. I so badly want you to do some family pics for us. Once I loose some "baby" weight, I'll give you a call. How much do you charge, I love them!!!

Josh and Kristen said...

So pretty, of course. Glad to hear that you have had a good month. I know what you mean about sending Easton to school. I am anxious too!

Janice {Run Far} said...

you are jus simply amazing to me. I love you. I am so lucky you are my sis, even through marriage. ;)

I can't belive your little man starts school this month. I thought you were going to wait.... must have been confused. Wait... does this mean, Andru starts too... holy moly... I am grinning.


tonandboys said...

This is Beautiful! You have such a gift for taking the time to appreciate life and everything beautiful. Girls Camp sounds like it was amazing! Of course, I haven't experienced it since I was 16, so I think I need more details. It sounds like it is inspiring. What is the best part?