Monday, June 22, 2009

Magic Crayons

Easton: Mom why are my eyes green?
Me: Because Heavenly Father made them that way....
Easton: Does he like have a magic crayon?
(I have to explain that Easton truly thinks his eyes are green because that is his favorite color. Because my eyes are brown, he thinks that must be my favorite color. I wonder what I would look like with pink eyes? ) lol

I better stick to brown!!!


Lacy said...

Again, you have the best pictures.

That's so cute magic crayons.

I love the pink eyes.:)
That's what color my eyes would be if heavenly father gave me my fav color.
Bunny eyes!

Janice {Run Far} said...

LOL- best post ever. Love it so much. Love the pink eyes. you rock

Josh and Kristen said...

TEEHEEHEE. That is so cute. What a sweetie. I love how their minds just pick things apart and make sense of the world with the knowledge they have.

Ivylmnm said...

Oh come on! I think the pink eyes are way fun! Can I have some?

Mindy said...

Kristi, you have mad skillz with photoshop!! I'm so glad I found you through Janice! :)

who knows said...

uhhhh....they make sum stuff that'll clear that pink eye up...nasty stuff that pink eye, ya git it from pushin horsed round the yard!